Organization and Membership

1. What is the Iron Butt Association?

The Iron Butt Association (IBA) is an international organization dedicated to safe long-distance motorcycle riding.

2. Are there any chapters?

No. We are a single organization, with approximately 80,000+ members world-wide!

There are associated world clubs, IBA UK, IBA Finland, IBA Australia (and more)

3. How do I become a member?

In order to become a member, you need to complete and have certified a long distance ride, the shortest of which is the Saddlesore 1000 (1,000 miles in 24 hours or less).

4. Where can I find the requirements for membership?

The complete documentation requirements, forms, and fee schedules are on the web site. Take the "Rides" link from the home page, then the link on various possible rides to document (be ready, there are over 400 possibilities).

5. Is there a list of members?

The membership list is on our Web site. Take the "Ride Finishers" link from middle of the home page. Be advised this page is HUGE and not mobile-friendly.

6. Is there a chat or discussion group for members?

Yes, the on the Iron Butt Association Web Forum at as well as Facebook (this page is NOT administered by the IBA, but hosted by senior IBA members), search for IBA Motorcycle Riders.

7. How can I contact the IBA?

You can use the "Need help - contact page" link at the bottom of the main web page.

IBA eStore

1. Can anyone purchase IBA merchandise from the online eStore?

Most of the merchandise in the eStore is for IBA members only. IBA members can only purchase merchandise related to the rides for which they are certified.

2. How do I sign in to the eStore?

When you become an IBA member, we issue you an IBA member number and PIN number for the eStore. Together with your email address and home address submitted with your ride application, we set up an account for you. You need your email address and PIN in order to log in.

3. I forgot my PIN number, or I need to update my contact information. What do I do?

You can use the "Need help - contact page" link at the bottom of the main web page.

4. How do I contact the eStore Manager?

You can use the "Need help - contact page" link at the bottom of the main web page.

Ride Certifications

1. I ride a trike. Can I qualify for IBA membership?

Trikes are generally acceptable, but contact "ibarides at gmail .com" if you have any question.

2. What rides do you offer and where can I find the information regarding documentation, procedures, fees, etc.?

The Iron Butt Association does not host any rides, we will review a ride you completed that is adequately documented within groupings we offer. The documentation guidelines, procedures, forms, and fee schedules are on our Web site. Take the "Rides" link from the home page, then the link to the ride of your choice.

3. Some rides are considered "extreme" and require a prerequisite ride be completed prior to attempting them. Why is that?

Too many folks were attempting these advanced rides as their first long-distance riding experience, and ended up biting off more than they could chew. We therefore require that a shorter ride be completed, just to be sure there is an understanding of the planning and documentation required for longer rides.

4. The rules call for logging my odometer reading at each stop. My bike doesn't have an odometer. What do I do?

It is up to the rider to provide documentation sufficient to uphold the ride claim. Your odometer reading is only one of several pieces of information we use to verify that claim. If your bike is not equipped with an odometer (or if it is not working), you can substitute a bicycle computer or GPS odo reading. If you have none of these on your bike, be sure that the rest of your documentation is in good order and include a note telling us why no odo readings were submitted. It will be up to the verification team to determine if your ride is certified.

5. I lost one of my gas receipts. Can I still have my ride certified?

As stated above, it is up to you to demonstrate to us that you rode the ride you claim. Normally, a single lost receipt is not a fatal loss, as long as the rest of the documentation supports certification. Be sure to include a note concerning the lost receipt.

6. How long does it take to have my ride certified?

The value of an IBA certificate lies in the meticulous verification of rides An IBA certificate demonstrates without a doubt that the ride claimed was actually ridden. We receive approximately 4,000 rides submitted for verification each year, with the vast majority of them coming in during the North American summer months. With the limited resources of a volunteer organization, turnaround times for verification requests can stretch to as long as three months during these busy times from the nominal 4-6 weeks. We are continuing to take steps to improve the efficiency of our processes, and we appreciate your patience.

7. My check was cashed, but I still don't have my certification package. What's going on?

The fact that your check was cashed is a good sign! We don't cash them until the ride has passed preliminary verification. So your request is in process and moving through the system. See above for more details. If it has been more than 14 days since your check was cashed, please contact us.

9. How can I make sure you received my ride package?

The best thing to do is to purchase the "Delivery Notification" option from the Postal Service when you mail your package to us. Please use standard first-class or Express Delivery service, not registered or certified mail.

If you submite electronically, you should receieve an automated reply that your application has been recieved, if you do not get that message, send an email to [email protected] or

You can use the "Need help - contact page" link at the bottom of the main web page.

9. I live outside of the US. Can I have one of your rides certified?

The first thing to do is attempt to find the closst world club. We do certify rides from all over the world, but international shipping has become extremely costiy - in many cases more than the cost of the certification package. Check the main ride page for links to various international clubs first.


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