SantaSore and SleighBurner Rides


Version No. 1.0

Date last revised: December 8, 2019

2019, Iron Butt Association, Chicago, Illinois


Please respect our intellectual property rights.  Do not distribute this document or portions therein, without the written permission of the Iron Butt Association.






The Ride - Rules


This is an annual ride, centered around Christmas. This ride can be done anywhere in the world, but must include a ride receipt on at least one of the following dates: 24th, 25th or 26th December.


The ride allows for all equivalents of SaddleSore1000 / 1600K and BunBurner1500 / 2500K variants, and certificates will be issued at any of the normal levels including base, silver and gold (as applicable).


See the website for more details on the standard SaddleSore and BunBurner rides.


All normal ride rules, and ride certification requirements remain the same.


A time for charity

Christmas is a time for giving. As an *optional* extended feature, the IBA invite you to make a donation to your favorite charity, this will be recognised on your certificate.


If you’re able to make a donation before your ride application is sent to the IBA, then we invite you to include your donation receipt within your ride application and we will discount your ride certification costs by up to US$5.00 (matching your donation, up to that limit).


Just apply your own (up to $5.00) discount to the IBA payment amount when making your payment.


Ride certification requests are to go through your normal channels.


Everything else remains exactly the same as normal ride certification requirements and requests.