2021 IBR – Day 3

Outtakes: Call-in Transcripts

For a Call-In bonus, riders must phone in between specified times and leave a voice message containing their name, rider number, city/state location, last bonus they collected, next bonus they are targeting. Rally staff listen to every message to verify that the riders placed their calls within the time window and recorded all five required pieces of information. In addition to the voice recording, each call is automatically converted to text. Even if you give this voice-to-text translation process a lot of leeway for connection quality, wind and highway noise, and tired riders, the text output often bears little resemblance to the voice input, resulting in lots of giggles and guffaws in the work room.

Here are some of today’s greatest hits, exactly as delivered to us by the digital translator:

·        You.My name is Angela Taka,my rider number is 48.I am currently located in the Torah, M E D, O R A, North Dakota.Last honest, I scored, was N D, as in North Dakota. Next bonus, I am Heading core's Codec, K O D A K.Additional notes, rallies going good? Thank you for fun time.She in Indianapolis. (Angelo Patacca)

·        Hi there, this is John Koons rider number 1 3. I'm in West Fargo, North Dakota. Last bonus I scored was in madera,North Dakota, which is the Board ND. The next bonusI'm heading for a Fresh for the Wandering Angelo is Hibbing and that one is,Am at.You.

·        This is Art Garvin. Rider Number five.My current locationis Salem, Oregon.The last bonus I scoredwasO R.The Oregon bonus, my next bonus I'm headed for SWA The Worst In BonusHaving a Great Time Broke Through the Night.

·        Like I can. Order number 14are currently in lawFargo, North Dakota.Though I thought at the board with N D O N dora.And my next webinar is gonna be the Kodak Finance Deville. When it open,Beth. (Mike Heitkamp)

·        Is Steve Van tomorrow. And we are Rider Number 50.We are currently in certain, home on the population are more tractors and trucks.Our last bonus East, we're at 1 30 degrees 7 this morning.And our next bonus is going to be in. And stop taking a show whether you know. Pretty much an overwhelming, making it through Taiwan without crashing. Are right on track.Yeah. I got hit key firstAgain, Erica hurst monkey. (James Epley)

·        Hello, my name is Lance Correlate. My rider number is 76, I am in Mozambique.Montana, Mozy, Montana and my last bonus was, Ace.My next bonus is, indeed,and the weather is beautiful water, perfect day for a ride. Life is great.Bye. (Lance Corley)

·        Hello, 2021, I bought Riley. This is Pedro grain and Dennis. Alvarado number is 29location of all places. I stuck Walla. Washington State. I, it is a Q U A L,Washington state at large bonus. W I E LOur next plant bonus is M tea.I can't go.We've been having a great time yesterday was hot wendy, but today it's been pretty good. And there's a better to not draw it up through the hill country of California, and we're having a block.Thank you, guys, and we shall talk to you later. (Peter Green & Dannette Sifford)

·        Good morning, Campers. This is Ben are spread or number 62. My current location is ellensburg Washington.Last bonus I scored was Washington, or at the Boeing hanger. X bonus I'm heading for is M tea.Alrighty, shaken bake." (Ben Ernst)

·        Hey there, this is Jerry or Raul Rider. Number 75. I am in lewistown, Montana, and the last bonus about I scored was ace AC E, and the next bonus I am heading for is N D.So far, I'm having a blast. This is Austin. Alright, Bye. (Gerry Arel)

·        Hello, this is Kenneth Andrews, AK Kid. I write it up with my location is Blake Roxythe last visit was a Place clientsit out of Washingtonmy name is Sam E TT a Bible it's Ted.Thank you, and have a nice day.

·        A great day.It?Hey.885 XYeah. (no idea)

·        EYLEA would hear? Right. Number 58 currentlyin Minnesota. My last bonus score it was theam an owner.Am in exponent's that I'm going to a flood.Thank you. (George Levar)