2021 IBR Day 4 Flash Report #2

#17 is Going to be Sad


Rally staff gets all sorts of messages during the rally, and this one just arrived with the caption, #17 is going to be sad. If you don't know, losing your flag can be a real pain. From this point forward, if Rider #17 attempts another bonus he needs to have his face in each photo, something that can be a challenge. Once changing to using his face, he cannot use the flag again even if he recovers it. There is also a large penalty applied at the finish for a lost flag. If he recovers the flag before his next bonus, all is well. If another rider finds an errant flag, it is expected that they leave it where they find it. The owner of the flag might return, and it would add insult to injury if it were no longer there. 


A couple of riders have notified staff that they will not make it to the checkpoint tonight within the window. Unfortunately, that means they are both out of the rally. 


Al Greenwood is safely in a motel in Wisconsin, after a routing hiccup that caused him to believe he was good for time. By the time he discovered the issue, it was too late. He is of course very disappointed, but vows that he'll return to add another finish to his 1985 Finish. 


Paul Meyer was making a big run across the US, then down to the Keys, but just flat ran out of time. Facing traffic in Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, and Louisville, he realized it was a fool's errand and called the RM to withdraw. There is a nap in his future before he heads back to Provo to meet the returning riders.