2021 IBR Day 4

Outtakes: More Call-in Transcripts

Just like yesterday, these bloopers are NOT what the riders said in their voice messages. They are the output of voice-to-text transcription software.

        Hello. This is Mark, the altar rider number 59. I am currently at the empty bonus in Superior Montana. My last bonus scored, was the empty bonus in Superior Montana, and I'm heading to eighth, and it is one million degrees outside. And by the way, if you get one number wrong on this phone number, call the local pharmacy, just a fun fact for you.

        Like the Strider 43, Seattle Leaving W Way going to empty. (Mike Best)

        Yeah, this is Mike Riley. Letter number 17.I am in currently in Valley City, North Dakota.Last court was in Indy,mister Maddoxand I'm heading for right down the road: It's Codex.So, that here just. Because last night, I saw 39 degrees.Have a great day. Bye. Bye."

        This is Jim Burris, router number 36.I am at Kodak K Ohh D a K. Last bonus claimed was Kodak, K Ohh D a. K and I am going to Minnesota, Mike, November. Thank you.

        Good afternoon. This is right, number 28. I am currently at.I just selected that one, too.You?You?You?" (Bucky Dent)

        Name is Paul partner, Rod writer numbers, 40My location is mostly Montana. Last bonus score was eighthSpelled as C EAnd the next bonus I'm going to is Andy. (Paul Partin)

        This is Kurt Rider 22.My current location as Kodak and my neck, last bonus guard was Kodak by Next. Location. Is Amber?" (Kurt Worden)

        Thomas Southwood,writer number 56they're justSouth Dakota,a last bonus gord. SSD.Next bonus I'm heading for thisKodak.

        Greetings. This is Eric Bus Go. Broader 37.I'm located in Sally arc, Oklahoma Valley Follow Oklahoma.My last bonus location score with the statewide bonus: Oklahoma,My neck bonus imagine for a statewide bonus, Arkansas,and Hot Springs.Thank you,Jared." (Eric Buskell)

        This is Andy Macky rider Number 10.I am currently in a Dora,North Dakota. My last bonus was N D. My next bonuses, Kodak.Having a good time, wonderful writing. Only downside is my rally camera ****, the bed on the first day.So I'm leaving backups working, and I don't lose too many points are not I will see you guys soon. Thank you.You.

        My name is Ryan Rogers. Writer number is 77 7 7.I am in Spokane, Washington.The last bonus I scored was W A That's William Alpha.Next bonus I'm going for is empty.Mike?Terry?That's all I have, Thank you.You.