2021 IBR – Day 6

 Call-In Outtakes: Leg 2


Here’s your next dose of silly transcriptions from rider voicemails. Remember that what the rider recorded in their VOICE message probably made perfect sense, but the automatically translated TEXT can be something entirely different.

·       When the fact that again rider number why I'm doing my fair calling just to be today,I am currently in new Lisbonwith Thompson.I had been on the mistaken belief that the driving range was done right back in it because I was on comfortably dry for about 20 minutes there. The last phone as I got was Phil.For the next Bona, I am working tomorrow. Again, wanted to let her number one in Lisbon, Wisconsin. law photos I got was Bill.Next bonus, I am going for It. (Wendy Crockett)

·       This is mark be all right Or 59 my current location is just out Newport news, Virginia. Last bonus score was Bell. Next bonuses my ladyQuick note to the Rally Master. You went between KY Cable at four miles of go past Crawling and the soccer bonus combo bonus for North Carolina with high close highways and holiday traffic and 45 accident.Yeah,you in this roundyou guys and Alabama. (Marc Bialt)

·       Hi, Lisa, My name is Michael Bogue, my rider number is 0, 4 Location. I'm in is mound Minnesota the last bus. I scored. I just walked out of Tonka amount Minnesota. That was my last bonus and export some headache for is in Cresskill Iowa.Thank you." (Michael Boge)

·       My name is Angela Taco Mama. Rider Number is 48. I'm currently at Henriquez Historical Park in Chester, Virginia.The last bonus I just scored was malady, M a L A D Y.And the bonus I'm heading for, the VA, as in Virginia." (Angelo Patacca)

·       Hello, this is Steve Goliath checking in either number 41. I'm currently at Randall New York awaiting the coupons photo. Last punish I scored was sap ASAP. And the next punish will be canal photo. Having a great, really great writing, some sections, it's hard to beat the 19th for destinations, but that writing out in Montana in northern Minnesota was, was gorgeous, and it's nice to Northern New England again. If it's like an old glove, spent three hours at home yesterday, and southeastern mass. That was a good opportunity, if the shower, and checking my air pressure, and almost 24 hours of sleep. Thank you very much, and click Bye." (Steve Gallant)

·       This is Bob Bowman order Number 20, making my calling to claim.Thelast bonus that I thought, wasphoto bonus at canala couple of moments ago,I am still at that location that's my problem OK from the canal bombs.Before either be the rough bonus most likely.Make it to fire.That's a long way away.Alright.You?Hi.Hi."

·       "Hi. This is Lou Ballard Rider 45,Last location was rights RI G H T S Next location isS A Pand I amagain.Skyler, Township, New York.Again, Lou Ballard, rider 45 Skyler Township, New York bag the rights, RI G H T S.And I'm going to stop at safety and I missed the photo bonus wealth sitting getting a tire butthose tires should set me up for a better lake three.Bye." (Lew Ballard)

·       Lily? Rider number six,I've been calling your Truck 29Expedite Corporate Group Open now,the phone if I'm going to co-ordinate this New Yorkgears a little bit. Jeff BurroughsSuperman Bonus.Cleveland.We've been able to Do You have 24 hours.Anybody could get a chanceanyway, Yeah. It's a great setup on it,on the joint **** out of it.I'll see you guys soon. (Bob Lilley)

·       This is Mike Rider Number 43, just south of Newark.Just left Edmond J Nancy J.Are New Jersey, I guess? That headed toshould jetski, jet ASCII jetskiYeah,3.5 hours to New York,a chapter, titles, what Bridge,lovett stoplight per intersection to get through. It was so much fun. I never want to seem to work again. Or New York yet, but I got to do or what. So that was pretty cool.They thought I was the case. You're looking for something. Anyway,Hope you're having as much as we are left with us and watch the spots go the wrong way,and we'll see you tomorrow. (Mike Best)

·       Hi, it's Doug, and will be a better number to the next.We are at Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.We just orderedlight, North Carolina,they both.We have the boat.Is the eighth.Other than that, it's going well with having a great time, what beautiful place to the Guidance Center.Bye! (Doug Jacobs)