2021 IBR – Day 11

 Call-In Outtakes: Leg 3


The text versions automatically transcribed from the rider voice messages keep getting stranger. Here are the ones from yesterday’s Call-In Bonus, plus two bonus messages.

·       Hi, it's Mark Bella, Grider, number 19, I'm inTana, California.I'm a bonus webinar. And I'm going to attend.It's great to hear somebody degrees. I left 106 on having a fan, and then I'm blindly following the GPS up to San Francisco somewhere.Everything's gotten them having fun. Thanks.

·       The editors and urinary, bladder number 68. And then you can textlast bonus score. It is a replica bonus. In the next bullet, I'm headed to Mercury.

·       Ballpark rider Number 40.I'm in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.And I just for donors, Why 12? 1 2am heading my next door. This is Brett.You.

·       Go, number 37,I'm currently a laugh, The anger, you might go?Are the final exam?Fair to say, goodbye, to the Trinity bonus, and Albuquerque,OK?You,OK.

·       It's either number 53.OK, step up, California. At it.Oh,don't know.And I left corner.Have a great day.

·       Valley Staff. This is Steve Poulinwriter and a 41.Currently at Lodi,California stuck in Lodi again.AndI'm at the repair bonus was my last point on as before that it was petty,am heading to hear.And while that rode up and down, the Yosemite kick my ****. Cuz my niece haven't been moving herDave and leading into the curved. Man, it's fun, but he's not ready for it.Butwhy did he last couple of days? In the SouthE Nat the southern states, he and like Southern Desert, Tucson, and Air Arthur, Arizona this morning that's horrible. You're not even before fund.I think, cool.Going through many. New Mexico yesterday, that with brain.That was nice change.Anyhow, I'm babbling.That's it. Fear.

Left over from Leg 2:

·       Cover the hub at a hub at, hey, this is my call.And writer number 72. I am in Randall, New York.My last bonus was, can now, along with a whole lot of other people. and next bonuses MD.OK, Weathers, great. Thank you, Lisa, for providing such accommodating weather for the trip (Mike Hall)

A spam phone call mangled by the software:

·       You.Metrics and Atlanta.When you get a professional or personal background.Me, a call, 999,can also get a postcard and, even better, the chance to please. You can about your Social Security number, and that's having, please. Just stay on the line. We'll talk with you about anything.And.And I say: goodbye.You.